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When i am rich i shall get fish and chips imported from Walton!

hahahahaha Walton today: At first we had to ask ppl if they wer tourist or resident and sum oda tedious (thanx julia - means boring lorna) questions. i did 7, then got bored so went to tescos and bought celebrations, did 1 more crazy dude in tescos then went nd bought fish nd chips....:D and they wer reeeeeeeeeeeeli good, so that was my lunch today...Then after lunch we went to the cliffs and wer mena b writing sstuff but i didnt....We were meant to rub a LITTLE bit ov rock onto the paper but i got very enthuisiastic and my paper turned orange - yes orange ask julia or sarah....And finally we had to look for sharks teeth, wich no nlcs girl had ever found b4, habs boys pretended they got one every year tho.....and that was basically all interesting stuff on trip....tried running off but clara stopped me.

Then on coach back to skl had another pa with uselss mr flynn standing there mouth open watching SARAH A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL help me breathe! Then we got skl nd mrs ruffle, miss newsome and that other evil swimming teacher i duno name ov helped a bit i gess. den they called julia's house, den sarah and miss newsome called julia mobile a few times...ummmm den i was better and i went on late coach and sat next to nd her kept getting weird txts frm sarah who was scared ov julia's friend sarah was sitting next to! and yes WE WER ON THE SAME COACH YET STILL TXTN EACHOTHER! lol sis.

ahhhhhh sarah is angry at me wat a suprise...."an y wud u care? evyrtin I say is jus stupid or unhelpful
d i bother making up with liza??? ok talking to her sorry....gah i know i shudnt have but i just tld her 2 shut up and stop lying. well she needs somebody to tell her! man i have messed this up big time....maybe she will hu am i kidding its not gna happen....grrr WHY AM I SO STUPID?!?!?!

ooooooooooooooo so now eliza dont hate me! wow! did eliza just apologise?!?!?! i said look if u ever realise u have to own up we wud still all forgive you.....she sed i'm sorry. wow! oooo maybe she means for being irritatin......gah i have no idea....

scary news: i think julia gave imo schon her imo looks like she has them, wich is bad cos i sit with imo and she like...well ne1 hu knows imo knows if she dus hav dem i will probli hav dem da day after :'( oh well....i will 'avoid' imo as much as possible....tho it wont work myeh...dont cum near me if i look grumpy! wait i nerli always grumpy! ok, well dont cum near me....

also my arm has been temporarily tatooed (lol 8L forgotten wich ov u i gave dis too but still)....all ov 8L and 2 ppl (anna + rix) frm 8n have signed my arm. no i dont have a cast. nitty just started signing my arm and now i have signatures all up ma arm....but wen gabi p was signing it mr flynn (i actually dont know his name, i just using flynn cos reminds me ov da flintstones)said 'if ur giving somebody temporary tatoos please wait til i am finished...i dislike him....oh well i shud probli go nowish..Nobody is online an csi MIGHT be on but probably not...Nighty night all...pleeeeeeeeease leave comments i enjoy reading dem. au revoir xxxxx
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