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Home is where the heart is - and my heart is with Jesus (sry 2 copy u bb but i luv it!)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ty granny bb! i have to write a history essay bout that - and i know he was both, but she sez we need to write a definate yes or no SOUNDS like he is protestant - but to keep england happy he pretends to be catholic ----- wat with burning the 3 protestants and dat....

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bb's mom hu i hav never met b4 but hav seen from a black car with tinted (i duno how 2 spell or wat the actual word is but u get wat i mean...)windows worx at church and i might cum c u afta skl!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaay i wana get sarah to cum!!!!! hahahaha i wana bring odd ppl and watch them get freaked out by u!!! lolz....

wow samantha is being very nice. Actually she isnt TOO bad when she isnt lying - she is quite nice sometimes......well she might not be, but she is very nice to me recently and hasnt lied so i'm gna b as happy as possible whilst she still is....btw i apologise (for samantha cos she probli wont) about her being mean on ur blog sis. wooow eliza wont be at church for a month! she has baptism classes....u have baptism classes???? how odd....myeh....but her baptism is in 2 weeks, so y she is having dem for a month confuses me.....:S :S :S

i'm so bored and i think i have 2 go do my history soon.....:'( Why is nobody online?!?!?!?! sarah is, but tis not talking, ariella is 'away' and all other online contacts are blocked! and listen up old grannys if u wana stay unblocked CUM ONLINEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

luv u all so so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! MWAH! xxxxxxxxxxx
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