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German Trip

YAY WE GOT OUR GERMAN LETTER! i shall now type it up for those ov u interested on y i am leaving u to speak a language i am awful at for a week in a country i've never been to!

The Rhine Valley is an extremely piteresque region, famous for its castles and legends and charming villages. There will be excursions to Heidelberg Castle, Reichsberg Castle in Chochem, a river trip and Phantasialand, a theme park. In the evening, there is the option to go bowling, to an ice-cream cafe and on the last night the hotel will organise a disco.

The trip will take place from sunday 2nd April (WAH NO CHURCH!), leaving school at 5:15am (WAT?!?!?! I CANT BE AT SKL THEN, I'D HAV 2 LEAVE HERE AT 4AM, WAKE UP AT 3!!!! WICH IS WEN I SLEEP!) and returning on FRiday 8th April by 19:00. Travel will be by coach and ferry.....

The rest is just bout visa's and passports and stuff....

Yesh, so now claudia and Jenni are online yay......Jenni might go soon tho cos her parents being parenty....hahahaha well i will be on all night and at 3am if anybody else is on i might be hyper cos NEW PHONE NEW PHONE will have charged and stuff by then!!!!

luv u all so so sooooooooooooooo much mwah! xxxxxxxxxxx
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