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A fox - but only if i were an insurance salesman

grrrrr. i feel useless. maybe skl 2moro will change that. oh well. fed up. cant feel anything and cannot sit up propli. cant stand without falling over or shaking uncontrollably...

Well this is my new copy off Jenni...yes original i know...

Hmmmm this is reli confusing me, i have no idea once i quit this how on earth i get back on!!!!

Booooored to death wich is y i sound so strange. My throat feels like an ape, or maybe a wolf - unnecessarily mean or _____

Not making much sense atm, my back is killing and i believe sarah and rest o 8L have been planning sum welcome back thing - at sarah's house priya said i finished gabi's poster, but sarah thinx i didnt see so i shant be mentioning that.

Alright well nobody knows this addy so i'm gna email u lot it, and au revoir i guess. p.s sry 2 copy u jenni.
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