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Well I thought i should probably update this thing seeing as it might give u incentive (we learnt this in rs...GO ME!) to leave comments...

Day started with the rs test, me and greta had planned to use ink eradicators to change eachothers tests wen we got 1 rong but then i had to swap mine with emily, so i got bad marks..greta got full (me marking hers)...i ended up getting the worst in the class, dont really care tho, didnt expect anymore, like 1/3 of the words i had never heard of b4 lol!

At period 6 I deiceded hiking to chemistry would be a good idea...when we didnt have chemistry for another hour...and i already had to go to the art block which is in another building! well neway i did that and dr mk was giving me weird looks like why is she outside the classroom at the wrong time??? hahahah neway...

in art (once i got there) we were screenprinting onto fabric and mrs fiori was making a big thing that only year 10+ screen print so i was lucky...even my design looks cool on the, i am the only 1 to do it on fabric...and she made me do it for the first time as an example to the class...didn't go badly actually! one bit got overlapped but other than that it looks alright!

I have to delete this maybe...or go thru and delete some space needs to be deleted as well, but i wont be able to use it 4 60days wen i delete it, so think i'll delete it wen we go back to skl and then 4 2months will only be updating this :'( lol! there anyway to delete all blogs etc? mmmm, i guess i have to just try....well on thursday i will staaaaaaaart and will delete all the blogs and stuff and start again...

WOW SARAH WON NETBALL 27-1!!! THAT MEANS THEY HAVE TO SCORE LIKE A GOAL A MINUTE! LOU A (amazing nice + sporty girl in ma class) SCORED 12 GOALS IN 10 MINUTES! WOOOOOW GO U! luv ya bbz!

ummmm i should leave nowish, got packing + hw to do...byes bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

luv u: mommy, jenni, sarah, kel, claudia, julia...wud say more but i think dats all that have the addy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbaby/bb/gabi/lil dumbo/THE 1 WITH A RUBBER DUCK ROUND HER NECK! WHY? COS SHE'S COOL! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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