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Imagine a world... where you were in charge...(with Anime Pics)

yuske crossing his arms
You're a Brash and Irresponsible ruler. You love
the fact that your the Supreme Emperor, but you
don't like the fact that you actually have to
work. You'd rather brush it off on your
advisors and other assistants. The general
public sees you as a fun-loving and generous
guy, but the ones that are closest to you are
plotting against you. Your advisors think you
are weak and unfit to rule, so watch your back
and start pulling your weight or you might go
the way of Julius Caesar.

Imagine a world... where you were in charge...(with Anime Pics)
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Ways to Annoy People in an Elevator......
1. Set up a lemonade stand.
2. Hum the Mission Impossible theme song while darting your eyes around.
3. Drop a dollar, and when someone goes to pick it up for you, shriek, "THAT'S MINE"
4. Lick Gummy Bears and stick them to the walls.
5. Push all the buttons for each floor.
6. Whenever someone comes on, introduce yourself, give the person a nametag, and then introduce the newcomer to everyone else.
7. Start doing yoga.
8. Play with the emergency telephone.
9. When only one other person's on the elevator, fart and then try to pin it on the other person.
10. Rip a plushie toy's head off, and then when someone comes into the elevator, put on a police hat and tell them that there has been a murder and you would like to take them in for questioning.
11. Run back and forth banging into as many people possible, screaming that you're claustrophobic.
12. Spit ball the cieling so that little pieces of paper keep falling on people's heads.
13. Start a sing-along.
14. Ask people what floor they're going to, and then press every button but theirs.
15. Stare at someone coldly until they ask what is wrong, and then say that they're standing on your imaginary friend.
16. Blow bubbles.
17. Tell knock-knock jokes.
18. Shove a whole bag of pop-rocks in your mouth, and then stick out your tongue so that passengers can hear and see the action.
19. Put a welcome mat by the doors, and then demand that everyone wipe their feet before entering.
20. Pretend to have a conversation on your phone about if your ass looks fat, hang up, and then proceed to ask everyone else if your ass looks fat.
21. Stick stink bombs in people's shopping bags, but make sure that they don't go off until the person is off the elevator.
22. Bring a notepad, and scribble furiously while looking at other people. If they try to see what you're writing, pull away.
23. Give passengers coupons for a free ice cream, and then wink suggestively.
24. Leave a box between the doors so they can't close.
25. Make people sign in and out of the elevator on a sheet.

Which Angel Are You?
your the angel of love being in one
place then in another in an instant...your a
mysterious person who no one really
understands...but your life is such a blast.

Which Angel Are You?
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