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israel!!!!! i'm toooooooo bored!

ok, so cos u are all extremely interested in israel i gna write blog bout it *laughs evily at how bored ppl will be* mwa hahahhahahha...

ok, i go there on the saturday 22nd and my flight leaves at 8.40 and i get there at 14.40....the time diference is they are 2hrs in front btw...ummmm den the rest of that day i will probli stay at ariella's house for all of that day....then they have 4 days of a jewish holiday so she is off school, and then we can go shopping, bowling, swimming, nd do stuff like that with her friends. then on thursday i go to her school for the day, english for 1 hour, french for 2 hours, bible then hebrew...wich shud be good, but hebrew will not be very easy lol...ummmm we have been told that cos israel is a 'advised against visiting' country - so cant go to any famous places....but i wudnt really want to anyway, altho wud be cool to c stuff bout Jesus, meh...i have no idea wat else to say so i think i might go and eat lunch (i have had dinner everyday since sat, lunch today, BREAKFAST WICH I NEVER HAV TODAY! GO ME!) or i'll probli stay online and talk to naama - a girl i recently met dat lives in israel and is airella's friend! :D luv u all lots n lots n lots, ty for cheering me up last night bb i so happy now :D xxxxxxxxxx

edit 1: wow! schools in israel start at 7.45 and end at 1 or 2pm!!!! but then again they go to school on sundays and only have saturday off...meh, luv u all lots n lots xxxxxxxxxx
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