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Beautiful One, i love You, beautiful One i adore...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay canons follies was good, if a little random, NOTHING linked the sketches, and if anything attempted to it didn't work silly big 6...if ur at all interested read ma msn blog but it dont make much sense...mah u can cope, and yesh me waaaaaaaaaaant comments!!!!

imogen cam up behind me nd tickled my neck but i squirmed (well wat else was i mena do???) nd she grabbed my earrings and i said imo let go u got my earrings and she kept saying i wana change them i wana change them...grrrr i wana just slap them no i said no, stop tickling and asking me how my brother is when i cudnt care less!!!!! sry just needed to get that out...

yeah well sarah and raquel called alex tonight ON MY PHONE during the interval of canons follies...they went into our classroom after TAKING MY PHONE OFF ME and kel called and turned the volume up and said hi is dat alex, its me, he said yeah, who? she hung up.....ON MY PHONE, then for the rest of the interval she kept shouting gabi give me ur phone give me ur phone and i was getting kinda pissed off so i said if u dont shut up and stop snatching the phone I will call him and ask him to tell his girlfriend-to-be to shut up for a minute!!!! she said omg u wudnt dare, i said this is gabi u know? (joking but still angry) and she ignored me for like 5 minutes....and i'm sry but i did NOT wana go back to carphone warehouse again saying my friend smashed it, they kept dropping it on the floor and ppl wer like standing on it!!!! she needs to learn if u irritate ppl they WILL get angry and u lost the right a long time ago to be mad at them!!!! meh well she started talking to me again and i cudnt be bothered to fight cos i hate fighting so i just started talking again...still dont feel wonderful, well i was and now i'm not...mommy samantha is acting like its a competition of who is eating less!!!! grrrrr, its like EVERYTHING BAD that happens to me she copies and it really dont help me knowing that somebody thinx it will give her sympathy...mooo cant explain...

dno wat else to shall depart to do french, german and chem hw....yesh i kno its 00:01 i dont care!!!!! luv u all lots n lots n lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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