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The duck, the shrew and israel

Yeah well as you know I am back...and have already had a fight with the perfeco members of my "real" one...

Whilst away me and ariella went shopping after school and went into a shop with LOOOOOOOADS OF DUCKS! so me nd ariella obviously bought i have 5 ducks :D they came in packs of 4, 1 big 3 small for 10 shekel which is like...1.21 to be pounds but since the small fire my pound sign dont work...*chews duck's head* and i am NOT THAT BAD!!! a girl in ariella's class PINNED THE DUCK TO HER SHIRT! on the youth group trip (in israel - ariella's youth group) they give out stuff like badges and beads nd dat to put on this blue shirt which the youth group gave to everyone last year...and they gave one group ducks but the ducks ran out b4 our group so we didnt get them...neway like 10 ppl had ducks stuck on their shirts!!!! enough said me thinks...*begins to chew duck again*

Lorna I hope you dont mind but i stole the piccy of the shrew on rollerblades...would have asked but u have left us lot for ROOT camp u evil child!!! jkz...i left u for like a week ;)

Israel was great thankies for asking...last few days which haven't told v many ppl bout:

Wednesday we went shopping at the mall then went to the old city and saw the place where the cross was meant to be.

Thursday ariella and I went to ariella's school...had english which was strange - my convo with the teacher:

Teacher - so where are you from?
Gabi - london
Teacher - oh no wonder u had such a stinky accent!

as u can guess she hates ppl from london lol...then french, they were doing numbers...she kept leaving me out but i didn't really care...then history, taught by the headmaster...he said 'this lesson gna be in hebrew not english so yes' and that was the last thing i understood...then bible the teacher started talking bout marmite to me and he asked me odd questions like do any of my friends like it (i hope not - unless u wish ur name to be changed to mad freak then dont tell me if u do jkz) and translated it...VERY odd lesson...then school finished (1pm) and we went shopping...then went home and wen ariella's dad came back went out and ate pizza...

Friday stayed at home talking to orna on msn but then had powercut from mini flood...then went to airport and on the way saw SO MUCH smoke from a fire or bomb or sumthin cumin from the mountain it was really scary....still dont know what it was...yeah so at airport i had to pay another 50 pound (420 shekel) cos they cudnt find the recipt of mom paying for the escorty weird peep in london...but if i hadn't have payed i wud have missed the plane and not been upgraded!!! not to business class :'( but club world or sumthin odd like that...I COULDN'T TOUCH THE SEAT IN FRONT OF ME :D LOL

nehu enuf of the randomness i should be revoir u lot...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s CUM BACK SOOOOON MOMMY!
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